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Fading Beauty : Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

After a nasty winter, the weather is finally starting to clear up. As we head into April, Japan’s vegetation is thriving and more importantly, the cherry blossoms are blooming. Although it is a beautiful thing to experience, it is short-lived, only lasting a couple of weeks. Because of this, it is important to go see them before they are all gone.

While you cannot enjoy a traditional picnic under the cherry blossoms this year, you can still take a leisurely walk underneath them. The air is crisp, and the breeze is calm. There is also plenty of food vendors waiting to sell you treats. But be careful, many places will not allow you to eat the goodies in public. So please be your snacks cautiously!



今年は桜の下で例年のようにピクニックを楽しむことはできませんが、桜の下をのんびりと散歩することはできます。空気はさわやかで、そよ風は穏やかです。おやつを売る屋台もたくさんあります。しかしご注意ください。多くの場所では公共の場での飲食を禁止されています。 ですので、おやつにはお気をつけください!


新潟エリア T.C

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