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The winter season has arrived in Japan, and for Niigata, that means rain and snow. Because of this, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss some winter terms that you might find useful this season.

While you might be familiar with rain and snow, how about something that is a bit of both. This is called sleet and it is rain that contains some ice, or snow that melts as its falling.

When snow first falls, it is light and powdery, meaning that is light and has the texture of powder. But after some time, as it begins to melt, it can be called slush or slushy. Finally, once the snow begins to melt and the temperatures remains cold, the streets can become icy. When walking or driving, this can make the roads feel slippery.

RAINとSNOWについてはご存知かもしれませんが、その両方を併せ持つ言葉はどうでしょうか。 これはSLEET(みぞれ)と呼ばれ、氷を含む雨、または降るにつれて溶ける雪のことをいいます。

雪の降り始めは、軽くて粉っぽい手触りです。 しかし、しばらくして溶け始めると、SLUSH (半溶けの雪)またはSLUSHY(雪解けの)と呼ばれるものになります。 最後に、雪が溶け始めて気温が低いままになると、道は凍りつきます。 歩いたり運転したりすると、道路がSLIPPERY(滑り)やすくなります。


新潟エリア T.C

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