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Marshmallow Day

Did you know that White Day was originally called Marshmallow Day?

Another month has passed and after celebrating Valentine’s Day in February, it is now time to move into March, where in Japan, the country will celebrate White Day. Perhaps what makes White Day so interesting is that it not only had a different name when it was first introduced but it is also a holiday that originated in Japan.

White Day began because an executive of the confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido, was reading a woman’s magazine and saw that a reader had written in, complaining that it wasn’t fair that men get chocolates on Valentine’s Day but that they don’t ever have a time where the favor is returned. Ishimura promptly had the idea to create a special day for women, where men would be responsible for gifting sweets.

In 1977, Ishimura would hold a company meeting, asking the female staff what day they felt appropriate for when women should be treated by men. March 14 was chosen, as it came one month after Valentine’s Day.  He would also create a new treat, a marshmallow stuffed with chocolate and would partner with a local department store called Iwataya to launch the first ever White Day in 1978. But, for the first occasion, it was actually called Marshmallow Day but was later changed, mainly to broaden the appeal of the sweets that could be purchased.

Now, even to this day, White Day is celebrated each year, with many shops offering plenty of white colored treats. The tradition has even spread outside of Japan to neighboring Asian countries like South Korea and Taiwan.









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