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May the Fourth Be With you


For the past couple of months, I have reported on important holidays that occur in the United States and around the world. For the month of May, I would like to take a little detour and share a day that is not recognized as an official holiday but is instead celebrated by loyal and dedicated fans of a certain movie. Maybe you have heard of it? A little movie called Star Wars.

Yes, the intergalactic space drama that has managed to remain popular 43 years after its initial release has its own holiday that is recognized by fans all over the world. On May 4, the world celebrates all things Star Wars but surprisingly, there isn’t a set of events that takes place. Perhaps the most universal thing about the holiday is the use of the phrase “May the Fourth be with you”. Of course, if you are a Star Wars fan, you might recognize the phrase as it is a pun on the great lines spoken in the movie by the Jedi “Let the force be with you”. So next year, if you are a Star Wars fan, maybe you too can speak the phrase “May the Fourth be with you”.



そう、最初のリリースから43年もの間、人気を維持し続けてきたこの銀河系宇宙ドラマには、世界中のファンに認められている独自の日があります。5月4日、世界はスターウォーズのあらゆることを祝いますが、驚くべきことに特に統一された内容のイベントではないのです。このホリデーに共通する点といえば、「May the Fourth be with you」というフレーズを使用することでしょうか。あなたがスターウォーズのファンならもちろん、ジェダイが作中で言うあのセリフ「Let the force be with you」にかけたものであることがわかるでしょう。

来年、もしあなたがスターウォーズのファンならば、「May the Fourth be with you」というフレーズを言っているかもしれませんね。

新潟エリア T.C

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