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Although the summer season begins in late June, for most in the United States, July is when the festivities begin, with many celebrations ushering in the “official” start of summer. In the United States, summer means barbeques, baseball games, and fireworks – but for others, it also means the start of Obon festivals.

That’s right, all across the United States, many celebrate Obon. While each can be unique in its own way, many festivals celebrate by offering different booths that host food, snacks, games, and other activities. But perhaps the most iconic event is Bon Odori, which takes place throughout the day and night at many festivals.

Unfortunately, this year, many Obon festivals have been cancelled in the United States due to what is currently happening all across the world. Luckily, many have not been deterred and will push forward by having virtual festivals online. Although this will not replace it, it will be an interesting way to experience this traditional event.






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