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June Gloom

Although Niigata does not have the best weather in Japan, it is said that during the month of June, Niigata prefecture experiences increased cloud cover, resulting in less sunlight and darker days. While this isn’t a bad thing, it got me thinking about my hometown of Los Angeles, located in Southern California.

While Los Angeles is often thought of as a paradise, with sunny days all year round, there are still times when the city becomes a bit cool and the skies are covered with clouds. This time period occurs in June, and is referred to as “June Gloom”. During June Gloom, which occurs in late spring to early summer, the skies become overcast and cloudy and the temperatures become a bit cooler.

So why does this happen? It is due to the ocean’s cooler waters off the coast of California which create clouds overnight that get pushed into Southern California during the early morning and mid-day. Luckily, this only occurs for the early part of the day and the “June Gloom” is typically gone by the afternoon. Interestingly enough, this phenomenon is rare, and seems to only occur in Southern California, which makes it an excellent environment to study for scientists.



ロサンゼルスは1年を通して晴天がみられる天国と考えられがちですが、街が少し涼しくなり、空が雲に覆われることもあります。そういう期間は6月に発生し、「June Gloom」と呼ばれます。春の終わりから初夏にかけて発生するJune Gloomの間、空はどんよりとし、気温は少し低くなります。

なぜこういったことが起こるのでしょうか?これはカリフォルニアの海岸から離れた海洋の冷たい海水が原因であり、一晩で雲が発生し、早朝から正午にかけて南カリフォルニアに押しやられます。幸運にも、これは1日の早い時間帯にのみにみられ、通常June Gloomは午後までにはなくなります。 面白いことに、この現象はめったに起こらないものであり、南カリフォルニアでのみ発生するようです。そのため科学者たちにとっては、研究するための優れた環境となっています。

新潟エリア T.C

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