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April Fool’s Day

When we think of April, there are definitely some holidays that stand out*1. In Japan, it is most likely*2 Showa Day, which ushers in the start of Golden Week or it could even perhaps be Easter. But in some parts of the world, there is another, more mischievous*3 day that is reserved for some lighthearted*4 jokes and pranking*5 – April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day is a custom that takes place*6 on April 1st and is a day that is reserved*7 for playing practical jokes on your fellow peers*8. Now, you can play small jokes on your friends or create something more elaborate*9, it all depends on how much you embrace*10 the spirit of April Fool’s Day. Now, once you have completed your joke or prank on someone, it is customary to shout, “April Fools”. This alerts the one who is pranked that it is being done in the spirit of the day. Also, just to be safe, you will most likely want to prank someone that you know, as a stranger might not take kindly to the joke.

Although it is not a recognized as a proper holiday in the United States and most of the world, there is a city called Odessa in the Ukraine that does claim April Fool’s Day as an official holiday.

*1 stand out:際立った、目立った *2 most likely:きっと、たぶん *3 mischievous:いたずら好きな *4 lighthearted:気楽な、陽気な *5 prank:悪ふざけ、いたずら *6 take place:行われる、催される *7 reserve:取っておく、準備する *8 fellow peer:仲間 *9 elaborate:入念な、手の込んだ *10 embrace:取り囲む、包含する


4月といえば、いくつかの目立ったホリデーがあります。日本では昭和の日がゴールデンウィークの始まりとなるでしょうし、あるいはイースターの始まりとも考えられますね。しかし世界の一部地域では、もうひとつ、愉快なジョークやいたずら好きのための日があります。 ― そう、 エイプリルフールです。



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