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Find your method for learning languages(ENG)

Hello today I’m going to help you to find your own method of achieving goals, like learning/studying a language.

there are many people struggling to learn a language or even to start to learn.  Why does it happen? Let me know if these sounds familiar to you. You don’t know from where to start or don’t have enough time or maybe you just don’t know how to study.

These are some of the main reasons that are stopping you to start your journey. I personally had the same problems, not only for studying. When I tried to do something new, these problems were always following me.

Let’s see how we can solve them, and how I did!

Step 1 Writing down

The first thing I did was to note down all my ideas and to set goals, which really helped me

For example,

What I want to do: Learn English

Goal: Be able to have a daily conversation after 3 months.

Step 2 Try to decide how much you want to study per week.

Maybe 2 hours maybe more.  If you think that you don’t have time, try to think about your day. what do you do? Don’t you think that maybe you can stop doing something and replace it with something that will help you achieve your goals?

I personally decided to wake up earlier and to use that time, while people were still sleeping.

Step 3 Research

If you are interested in doing something, why not doing some researches and figure out how to do that. You can also ask to people around you. They might have had the same problem as you.

Step 4 Writing down in details

Write down in more details about your ideas and goals.

For example,

What I want to do:

Learn English! Start from listening skills. (joining English classes, watching videos, listening to music)

Goal: Be able to have a daily conversation after 3 months.

first week, introducing yourself. (Name, age, interests etc..)

second week, asking questions. (What, Where, When etc..)

third week, introducing yourself (Education, family structures, etc..)

Step 5 Try the method

Once you decided how to start and you are ready, start doing it.  If after few days you think it is not appropriate for yourself, take a paper and a pen and write your plans again. Focusing on what to do this time.

This is a method that worked for me. I hope it helped you to achieve your goals.

Thank you and good luck.


Niigata M.L

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