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Have you ever had ginseng before? It’s wildly popular for its medicinal purposes, and commonly found in energy drinks and teas.


There are three important species Korean, Chinese, and American.


Unfortunately, China has over-harvested their wild ginseng, which means that you may actually be consuming American ginseng and not know it.


My hometown is in Indiana, and Indiana is the 3rd largest exporter of ginseng in North America.


Most of Indiana’s exported ginseng is wild ginseng, but it’s also heavily regulated. There are many rules regarding harvesting wild ginseng in Indiana.

インディアナ州に輸出されるオタネニンジンのほとんどは野生オタネニンジンですが、これも厳しく規制されています。 インディアナ州における野生オタネニンジンの収穫には多くの規則があります。

Happy hunting if you ever find yourself in an Indiana forest!


Thank you for reading.

新潟エリア D.J

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