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Comparative Adjectives(比較級)

In casual conversation, we often like to compare different things, especially when talking about our hobbies. It can be difficult trying to share our true opinions clearly, so let’s take a little time to study and practice our comparatives together!


❗️Now let’s take a look at ‘more’. We use ‘more’ with long words, usually words with two or more syllables. For example,


delicious -> more delicious
beautiful -> more beautiful

❗️Now let’s take a look at ‘-er’. We use ‘-er’ with short words, usually with only one syllable. For example,


nice -> nicer
slow -> slower

❗️Now for the difficult part. There are some Irregular Comparatives, and these comparatives change a lot. For example-


good -> better
bad -> worse

Hopefully this helped you out a lot, and next time we’ll study Superlatives! Thanks for reading!



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