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Easter Origins(イースター)

It’s almost time for Easter. Have you colored your eggs yet? Did you decorate your house with Easter Bunnies and beautiful pastel colors? For many people around the world, Easter is the celebration of the Passover and the death and resurrection of Jesus. You may wonder what all these things have to do with one another.


To be honest, there’s very little connection. The most likely origin is the Catholic celebration of Lent. During Lent, Catholics give up many foods and fast in honor of Jesus’ 40 day fast recorded in the Bible.


Traditionally some Catholics didn’t eat meat or eggs. During this time they would get more and more eggs but not be able to eat them.


As for the bunny, some suggest that rabbit was a popular source of protein for the poor. So naturally, after Lent, many Christians would crave eggs and rabbit meat after their long fast.


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